My name is Boris Anthony, and this is where I share my experiences and thoughts from the “Digital Tradesman” side of my life. I write about “the doing” and “the thinking about the doing” of digital making.

A bit about me

I am a primarily a strategy consultant focused on Information, Communication and Media Technology. What I do here informs that

I’ve been creating, designing, architecting Yes yes I know, it hurts and building novel digital media & information systems since the mid 1990s. I’ve done a bit of everything, from e-commerce, online grocery, embedded admin GUI in the ’90s, through “Web 2.0”, “Social Media” and online journalism, to mobile maps applications used by tens of millions of people. More recently I co-founded and have remained strategic advisor to the Rebus Foundation.

Break it Down, Figure it Out, Build it Up and Try it On.

In my design practice, I deconstruct, restructure, programmatically manipulate, shape and style digital media in pursuit of new insights, approaches, tools and outcomes.

I sometimes do applied professional work, but as Tom says, “clients need to come in through the strategy door.”

A bit about this site

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